DistroLogica, Univectra d.o.o.

DistroLogica is part of Univectra, which, with its specialist departments, helps manufacturing and processing companies to supply the parts and raw materials needed to produce finished products.
In 2017, after almost ten years of activity, the first steps are taken towards international trade. A new sales team arrives. External collaborations with technical and commercial personnel with decades of experience in the international market are part of the new team. Initially, these collaborations are occasional and have as their basis the solution of individual customer requirements.

In 2021, the business leaps to a new level with the addition of a new technical sales team that brings in-house expertise and a business network that stretches from China and Russia to the Middle East, Turkey, Serbia and India. As a result, Univectra established a B2B segment of the company dedicated to international trade. Since then, the new segment has been operating under the brand name DistroLogica.

DistroLogica connects suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished products, components and spare parts worldwide. Its services also include the organization of logistics, which enables the goods to be delivered directly to the customer's warehouse in an efficient and reliable manner.

Target market is Europe, especially Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Austria, Germany, Spain. Although DistroLogica's main focus is on the supply of goods to the European market, it also does logistics organization and sales outside Europe.

Since each sector has specific requirements and needs, DistroLogica has specialized departments under its umbrella to provide the best service.