Delivery time

The delivery period is given only on an approximate base. Dates and deadlines apply to the notification of dispatch from us. Extend delivery terms without prejudice are allowed in the period during which the purchaser's obligations – also from other contracts – do not meet the agreed terms. Partial deliveries are allowed any time.

The delivery time is confirmed in written form. If the ordered goods are not taken over within the agreed deadline, we reserve the right to charge the warehousing to the account of the buyer. From the date of commencement of storage, the goods are considered as accepted by the buyer and all statutory deadlines for other legal consequences, such as payment deadlines, complaints, etc., begin to run.

The buyer is obliged at our request to declare within a reasonable period whether he will, due to the delay in delivery of the order insist on contract delivery or he will retreat from his order.

All unforeseen and extraordinary events, in particular strikes, lockouts, the scrap of important working half materials, breakdowns and similar events that are not our responsibility, or of our suppliers, releases us for any claim or for any contractually agreed delivery obligations. However, we are obliged to provide to the buyer a notification when immediately the redelivery is possible again.