Offers and Contract Conclusion

Offers are provisional and non-binding. In order to become effective, all contracts regarding supplies and deliverables, including special agreements and legally important statements, must be in writing and/or confirmed by the user by email. This also applies to supplements and changes.

Information on the subject matter of a supply or deliverable (e.g. weight, dimensions and technical data), including visual form (e.g. drawings and pictures), are for informational purposes only. They are not guaranteed properties, but descriptions and identification of the supply and/or deliverable.

Usual deviations and deviations based on legal regulations or representing technical improvements are permitted unless their applicability impairs the contractual aims.

The user reserves the ownership title or copyright for submitted offers, quotations and drawings, calculations, descriptions, models, tools and other materials and aids made available to the ordering party. The ordering party must not use, copy and make these objects available to and/or inform third parties without the user’s exclusive agreement. The ordering party shall return such objects to the user upon request, without keeping any copies thereof.